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Franklin County Board of Elections

Franklin County Board of Elections

Most voters in Franklin County will not have candidates and/or issues to vote on in the upcoming May 2nd, 2023 Special Primary Election. Unless you reside in one of the following cities and select precincts with contests, you do not have an election on May 2, 2023. Please click here: Voter Information Search to search and see if you live in one of the following cities and/or select precincts.
May 2, 2023 Special Primary Election Candidate Contests and Issues:
  • City of Gahanna (all precincts) (Mayor)
  • City of Hilliard (all precincts) (At-large Member of Council – REPUBLICAN ONLY)
  • Blendon Township-D (Local Option Questions)
  • Pleasant Township-A (part) (Madison-Plains Local School District - Bond Issue)
  • Pleasant Township-C (part) (Madison-Plains Local School District - Bond Issue)
  • Columbus 13-A (Local Option Question)
  • Columbus 21-D (Local Option Question)
  • Columbus 29-C (Local Option Question)
  • Dublin 2-B (Local Option Questions)
  • Grove City 1-A (Local Option Question)
  • Grove City 5-A (Local Option Question)
  • Hilliard 4-A (Local Option Question)
  • New Albany-E (Local Option Questions)
  • Westerville 1-D (Local Option Question)

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Safe at Home is an address confidentiality program that allows victims of domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking, rape or sexual battery to apply for a shielded voting address.


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Franklin County Board of Elections

Our Mission here at the Franklin County Board of Elections is to provide election services, information and education to the residents of Franklin County so they can exercise their right to vote and have confidence that the elections are fair, impartial and accurate.


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